Our Aviat Protect portfolio is focused on customers who need basic maintenance services to support their network. Generally, this encompasses the key areas of repair of products, software maintenance and technical support from our experts when needed. We offer the following levels of support in this portfolio.



Standard warranty is 24 months, with 8x5 phone support, access to software updates, and 30 day turnaround on repairs and is included standard with all radio purchases. To expand these capabilities please consider either Extended or WarrantyPlus described below.




We offer customers the opportunity to extend the warranty support offered at the time of purchase. This service is “ideal” for customers looking for continued protection of their investment that ensures that units will be repaired when you need them without the administrative hassles of individual PO’s.

In addition, as with any of the AviatCare support packages, you will get prioritized access to our Technical Support teams. Given the reliability and stability of our products many customers find this support level is all they need.



For customers who need more specialized or enhanced support services Aviat Networks offers the premium WarrantyPlus service portfolio. This includes 24x7 Technical Support access, Software Maintenance and Support, Advanced Replacement, and Repair Logistics services.

We know many of our customers need more than the basics, yet still need cost effective services that help them reduce their overall operational expenses. With this set of services, Aviat Networks can offer that combination of quality of service plus value that you need to ensure the operational effectiveness of your network investment.



Standard Warranty (24 months)

  • Remote Technical Assistance (8x5)
  • Standard Repair Service - 30 day turnaround time

Extended Warranty

  • Remote Technical Assistance (24x7)
  • Enhanced Repair Service - 20 day turnaround time


  • Remote Technical Assistance (24x7)
  • Enhanced Repair Service - 20 day turnaround time
  • Repair Logistics Services - Aviat pays shipping both ways
  • Advance Replacement Services - 3 to 5 days Shipping

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