WTM 4800 Multi-Band, 80 GHz, T-R 10GHz, 81000-86000 TX high, 23 GHz, T-R 1008MHz, 22330-22590 TX low, A2C+ capable, +/-20 to +/-57V & 802.3bt PoE

WTM 4500 MB operating at 80 GHz & 23 GHz, supporting 10GHz (mmw), 1008MHz (mw) transmit-receive split.

This model supports full Multi-Band operation with dual rectangular waveguide connections. For 80GHz, it operates TX high and transmitter frequency can une across 81000-86000 MHz.

Use with Aviat's proprietary low-profile Multi-Band antennas

Recommended Partner model is W48-23H4-DPL2.



  • Innovative single-box E-band and Microwave solution to support high-reliability 10Gbit/s connections
  • 4+0 MB-XD solution comprises E-Band XPIC and Microwave XPIC for long-distance 10Gbit/s multi-band connections
  • Layer-1 Link Aggregation for seamless transparent traffic management
  • Unique direct-mount antenna solutions makes installation simple and easy
  • Supports complex CE and MPLS functionality improving service deployment and management



  • Full E-band and Microwave solution, with 11-80, 13-80, 15-80, 18-80 and 23-80 options
  • QPSK to 256 modulation, with 1/4QPSK and 1/2QPSK support for higher-system gain
  • Supports up to 10Gbit/s (licensed PAYG), or 20Gbit/s with MB-XD
  • 2x GE electrical and 2x SFP+ supporting 1/ 2.5/ 10 Gbit/s interface
  • Full CE and MPLS functionality
  • Management options include ProVision+ (native Netconf), Provision (SNMP)
  • Upgraded PSU design supporting 24-48v operation, improved surge suppression and IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PoE operation
Frequency Band 80/23 GHz
Radio Family Type WTM 4800
Matching Radio SKU W48-23H4-DPL2
Brand Aviat Networks
Weight UOM Code KG
Sub Band 04
TxMin 81000
TxMax 86000
Polarity Single Pol
Power Type POE/DC

Each equipment, services and software purchased from Aviat Networks carries with it a commitment of excellence backed by Aviat Networks’ industry-leading warranty policy. All Aviat Networks warranties apply to the Customer or Original Owner also referred to as the end user.

“Final Acceptance” means testing of the Equipment following installation by Aviat Networks at Customer’s site(s) under the terms set forth in the Statement of Work and may be performed on a link by link basis, or when live traffic is cut over, or when the Customer has beneficial use of the Equipment, whichever occurs first. The following table provides the coverage duration for the types of warranties applicable. Please refer to your product ordering guide for the applicable warranty policy for that equipment, service or software.

Aviat Networks Equipment Standard
Hardware Warranty – U.S.A, Canada and the Caribbean
24 months from ship date.
Aviat Networks Equipment Standard
Hardware Warranty – Rest of the World
15 months from ship date.
Non-Aviat Networks OEM Equipment
OEM warranty is a pass-through from Aviat Networks from the ship date; maximum OEM warranty.

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