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Eclipse Library: A Collection of Training Modules- E-Learning- per Student

Course Description  

The ECLIPSE E-Learning Library is our collection of E-Learning Modules and videos that provide students with an overview of the basic features, equipment configuration, and functionality for the Aviat Eclipse radio platform.  


Target Audience 

This course is intended for individuals requiring knowledge of ECLIPSE radio concepts. 



  • No technical knowledge prerequisites are needed. 
  • PC with Internet access, Internet browser software, access and subscription to AviatCare LMS. 



Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Understand the different network elements which are incorporated in ECLIPSE radio platform. 
  • Understand Installation Best Practices for the ECLIPSE radio platform. 
  • Understand Radio Link Configuration and Monitoring for the ECLIPSE radio platform. 
  • Understand Carrier Ethernet Configuration and Operation for the ECLIPSE radio platform. 


Learning Path Content* 

  • Eclipse: System Overview - ELearning  
  • Eclipse: INU/ INUe Installation - ELearning  
  • IRU600: Installation - ELearning  
  • ODU300/ 600: Installation - ELearning  
  • Eclipse: Payload Encryption Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: 1+1 Link Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: 1+0 Link Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: DPP Link Configuration – ELearning 
  • ECLIPSE: Date and Time Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: L1LA Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: XPIC Configuration - ELearning  
  • ECLIPSE: Carrier Ethernet Basics - Video  
  • ECLIPSE: Carrier Ethernet VLANs - Video  
  • ECLIPSE: Carrier Ethernet QoS - Video  
  • ECLIPSE: Carrier Ethernet Advanced Features - Video  
  • ECLIPSE: Carrier Ethernet System Controls - Video  


*Learning Path content may change without prior notice* 

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“Final Acceptance” means testing of the Equipment following installation by Aviat Networks at Customer’s site(s) under the terms set forth in the Statement of Work and may be performed on a link by link basis, or when live traffic is cut over, or when the Customer has beneficial use of the Equipment, whichever occurs first. The following table provides the coverage duration for the types of warranties applicable. Please refer to your product ordering guide for the applicable warranty policy for that equipment, service or software.

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